Digital Signage Software

Schedule Screens, Display Real-Time Dashboard via Web-Based Panel

Create. Display. Engage.

Improve internal & external communication with digital contents or real-time data on your screens.

Engage with your audience by using our apps.

Real-Time Display

Improve internal & external communication with real-time dashboard on your screens.

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How It Works?

  • Connect device to your screen
  • Upload your content or use our apps
  • Manage your content
  • Create playlist
  • Engage with your audience

DashMon Software

Manage Contents & Apps

No need to install software on your computer. Just sign in to your personal account to start to manage your screens.

Create Playlists

Create playlist with your contents or apps to show your screen to engage with your audience.

DashMon Apps

There are many type of apps that can help you to engage with your audience. See Store!

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DashMon Store

DashMon Apps will make your content more effective to engage with your audience. Engage your audience with social media and news, graphics and video, metrics, and more.

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Plug in

No need any extra device to set up your device. Plug in DashMon device to any screen(s) with HDMI input.


You can manage your content or create a playlist to apply to your screen(s). Engage with your audience using digital contents.

DashMon Store

You can use many types of our apps to engage with your audience.

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