A good organizer of an event should be aware of trends and tech updates to modernize his/her events. It needed to be catch the new technologies and services. Dashmon digital signage software is a new service that organizers should catch up with.

Events are getting more techie with Digital signage software. Old habits and old ways to organize an event will change with this technology. But which part of an event is going to change using Dashmon?


1. No Need for Expensive and Heavy Posters

Organizers use posters at the event area to commercialize their event. It is a great tool to make the audience see the program, sponsors and the other announcements of the event. But a good organizer knows that those posters are expensive and not easy to use.

Posters are a waste of money and a waste of paper when you can use Dashmon digital signage. Dashmon provides all the simple needs of use for a single poster. With your digital signage software, you can use every simple screen or display as a poster.


2. Easy to Catch Announcements

In a simple event sometimes it is needed to make changes with the ongoing plan. Without digital signage software organizers would change the program by reprinting all the posters. Also it is very hard for audiences to catch the changes. The solution is simple:

Digital content can show anything and can adapt to changes during your event and with Dashmon it can be simultaneously changed just with a simple laptop. It is also scientifically proved that screens are an effective way to catch an eye.


3. Profitable Sponsorships

Nearly all events have sponsorships because it is a great way to fund an event. Organizers spend months to make a deal with sponsors. So you need to be be creative when designing a sponsorship strategy. Sponsors want an effective promotional chance. This means a profitable and measurable ROI. By using Dashmon digital signage software organizers reach that ROI faster with services like social media walls:


4. Social Media Walls

Organizers should provide audience with a social media screen where they can share thoughts and photos via social media walls. Because social media became as important as the event itself nowadays. Event organizers who wants to increase engagement should use digital signage solutions. It has become one of the most effective marketing tools.

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