Everyday there are many websites that upload tons of content like news, blogs, videos about things going around in the tech world. Many of the tech enthusiast entrepreneurs want to follow the news to learn or implement something different to their project or just to improve themselves in different areas. These contents can be very useful not just for catching up with the news but also creating or improving new ideas for new startups. Using a RSS feed is the easiest way to make this happen. Here are the 5 best RSS feeds for tech enthusiast entrepreneurs:



1- Techcrunch

RSS: Feed:  +Follow RSS

Site: https://techcrunch.com/   


2- Mashable:

RSS: Feed:  +Follow RSS

Site:  https://mashable.com/


3- Webrazzi:
RSS: Feed +Follow RSS
Site: https://webrazzi.com/


4- Entrepreneur:

RSS: Feed:  +Follow RSS

Site: https://www.entrepreneur.com/



RSS: Feed:  +Follow RSS

Site:  https://www.forbes.com/


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