The time goes by faster than you imagine” once said by John Cooper, founder of the Cooper Car Company. This quote is actually a common fact. Everybody knows that time passes no matter what. We cannot control it. It goes on and on.

We know that we cannot control the time but there is a thing we can do about it. The solution is being aware of the time. And that’s what modern people do by using clocks.

Dashmon Digital Signage has it’s unique apps that makes daily life more visual for its users. One of the free apps we offer is the Clock App:


With the Clock app, you can display local and world clocks to every single digital screen just by logging into dashboard via Dashmon



The Clock App can be very useful in various occasions. These are the most useful areas that you can use Clock App for visualizing the time for the viewers of the exact screen:



  • In events, attendees should need to know the time. Because every event has it’s program timeline. Sometimes attendees can dive into the activity and forget other session or breaks. A good little reminder can help attendees to catch all the sessions and other programs of the day.


  • Clocks are essential in Schools. Every person in a school must be aware of the time for getting in the classes and also for breaks. Every modern day class has a screen for teaching. And with Dashmon these screens can also turn into a watch. No need to break the walls.


  • People are always busy in the modern days. And knowing the time can be critical for people in restaurants that have another plans.


  • Every exercise takes time and also every break does. So gym members should need to know the seconds while working out at the gym and a simple Digital Signage of the time would be beneficial to gym members.


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