Time passes. The world is changing and evolving over the years. And when the world changes, companies keep up with that too.

McDonald’s, a huge fast-food chain with 70 years of history, witnessed many years of change in technology and modern lives. As an up-to-date company, they did some differences to modernize themselves.


For example they’ve changed their buildings.

sources: https://bit.ly/2CdtTaO / https://bit.ly/2IUN6zg


The company modernizes its buildings to make sure they look – cool. They also have changed their menus, too. Why?

sources: https://bit.ly/2OR2HWf / https://bit.ly/2OqUjx5

They changed menu screens for the reason of cool and practical appearance. 🙂

If you are in the restaurant business, there are lessons to be learned from why McDonald’s uses digital menu boards.


Boosting Customer Attention

The main goal of a restaurant is to show off their products in a different way to get the customer attention and make them consume it. By using digital boards, restaurants can spot the products to the customers in a fascinating way and Digital Signage boards are a great tool to direct customers to buy products by getting attention.


Promoting brand and new products.

Promoting brand with Digital signage is an excellent way of marketing. Menu boards can display bright, bold graphics. And with this technological improves in small chains restaurants make these restaurants compete with the big boys. They can present a brand image across many locations and improve customer’s perception of the brand. Digital signage systems have specific features that let restaurant operators run ads and modify content using software connected to the screen.

Digital menu boards can automatically be changed on specific holidays, special events, outside weather, or any other criteria. Changes can be simultaneously launched or scheduled ahead of time. These features are specifically designed to increase sales and marketing.


To Make Sure customers stay in the restaurant for a while:

The idea is to reduce perceived dwell times for people who are waiting in line and help process orders more quickly to reduce lineups.

One of the interesting goals of the restaurant is turning a visit into a habit. Making customers stay in the restaurant for a certain amount of time turning customer experience in a habit. Thus by using Digital Signage Software this goal can be reached.

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