For modern people, it is a struggle to earn extra hours in a day to find time for other stuff. Time is seen as a valuable asset these days and getting to a destination quick can be a great time saver. But finding the best route and choosing the right app for the best results can be difficult.

Thanks to smartphone apps, we can find results to choose our way to the best route. Apps as Yandex Navigator, Google Maps and Waze provide us with instant directions so that we never have to stop and ask someone the way or need to use a physical map.

The UI and UX of the apps is a great factor for using an app. But that is not enough to decide and choose the right app. That is why we compared the navigation and traffic features of Google Maps and Waze.

Google Maps and Waze are both owned by Google and also perhaps they are the most popular. Because they both have a great UI and provide consistent navigation. But which one is better with live traffic?

Waze is the world’s most popular community-based navigation app. That means Waze users alert accidents, alternative routes, traffics, road closures and many other updates.

With Waze, users can get critical info simultaneously to earn more time on the road.

Google Maps offers directions for driving, biking, walking, and using public transportation. It also gives live traffic and transportation info. Dashmon Store has it’s unique integration to Google Traffic. And Google Traffic offline functionality is also a great feature. With Street View integration, Google Maps differentiates itself from other apps.

Which App Will Make You Go faster?

There is not a certain answer for this question.

When you drive in city, Waze is good at finding alternate routes around accidents and traffic jams.  Waze’s police reporting is also advantageous. It helps drivers to adjust their speed.

On the other hand, Google Maps will still get you to your destination in a timely and also alerts drivers about accidents and traffics jams as Waze does. But the alerts are less informative when we compared to Waze because Google Maps doesn’t have social integration.

You can display the current traffic situation on your screens with Dashmon digital signage software.

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