Frequently Asked Questions

What is DashMon?

DashMon is a digital signage solution that can help you to engage with your audience or your team. You can put digital content or our apps onto any displays to improve internal & external communication. DashMon is perfect choice for businesses, offices, startups, education.

What comes in the device kit?

1- DashMon Device: The media player that will power your screens.

2- USB Cable: It will connect your device to your screen without using power adaptor.

3- HDMI Cable: This connects your DashMon device to your screen.

4- User Guide: This guide will help you to use DashMon device setup.

5- 32Gb Storage: MicroSD 32 GB You can use your local storage.

Is DashMon compatible with all displays?

DashMon device can connects to any HD Screen with HDMI input. Also you can engage your audience with TV’s or projectors.

Also you can look at the product page to see how you can connect it to your screen easily.

How do I make payment for DashMon?

Choose your pricing plan here, update the payment details associated with your membership, and you’re ready to pay online!

We accept all credit cards.