How It Works

Register Screen

  1. Plug in your DashMon device to screen with HDMI (Data)
  2. Plug in your DashMon device to screen with USB (Power, also you can connect with 5v 2.5A USB adaptor)
  3. Turn on your screen now
  1. Sign in with your DashMon account
  2. Open Screen Page and click on Add Screen Page
  3. Enter your Screen ID to Add Screen Page and click on Submit
Screen ID
Enter Screen ID here
  1. Connect to wi-fi network shown on your Screen
  2. Go to configuration page and connect your screen to your network

Now you can connect your wi-fi to start using!


Upload Content - Create App

  1. Click to “Contents” on menu 
  2. Click to “Upload” to start uploading your contents
  1. Click to “Apps” on menu and choose your app to use
  2. Set up app, save and share to playlist.

Create and Schedule Playlist

Click to “Playlist” on menu to create new playlist.

Share playlist to any screens
Add contents to playlist
Drag and drop to order your contents
Set each content duration in playlist