Digital Signage Softwares offer different amount of solutions that can turn your screens something greater. You can use apps to solve the unique problems that normally can’t be solved easily. By doing that you just need a Digital Signage Player and a Digital Signage Software provider.

Dashmon can provide you these players and software. And also Dashmon customers can use various apps for free. Website App is one of them.

But why to display websites on screens when you can just look over your laptop or your smartphone?

Big Screens Advantage

A big screen is always better than small, isn’t it? More pixels, more visual and better quality. It can be beneficial to internet researchers. With big screen readers can see a lot more and get in the advantage of taking notes while reading through it.

Playlist Solution

If you would like to display more than one website on a certain occasion, it is easy peasy. You can make a playlist. Dashmon additionally offers customers to limit the displaying time of the content. It’s a great tool for public marketing purposes with digital screens.

Improve Teamwork

Building a startup? A team can sometimes need to focus on a single task that needed to be done together. It doesn’t matter if you work on a new landing page or website, looking from a broad perspective is better. And that perspective can be provided with a Digital Screen.

Wanna try the other apps or services? 

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