The best way to communicate with your team!

Display slack messages from selected users or apps to engage with your team!

Selected Channel

Dashmon’s Slack App allows you to display real-time feed of Slack channel messages on your screens. You can select the channel you want to display on the screens.

Selected Users & Apps

You can display messages from the users or applications in the selected channel. It improves your internal communication.

Slack Apps

Integrate any slack apps on your slack workspace to display on your screens and collaboration with your team.


How it works

To set up Slack on your Dashmon account, you need to log into your Slack account

  • Click on Apps
  • Select Slack
  • Authorize Dashmon to access to your Slack Team Workspace
  • Select Authorize
  • Enter a title
  • Add a channel
  • Add users and/or apps

Click on Save and you are ready to display it on screens!

Note: You can add only public channels. You cannot add private channels or direct messages.